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Feeding Therapy

Our comprehensive approach to feeding therapy allows you and your child to see all the necessary professionals (speech pathologist, occupational therapist and nutritionist) in the one assessment session saving you time and providing you with the most comprehensive information about your child’s needs.

We will work together to ensure that we learn about your child’s specific needs and create an evidence-based plan to help address underlying issues causing feeding problems.

We can help children who have restricted diets, issues with motor skills for eating, nutritional deficiencies, difficulty maintaining weight, poor chewing skills, fussy eaters and other problem feeders.

After the comprehensive assessment session we will provide a full report and recommendations about therapy needs individualised to your child.

Speech Pathologist with kid
NSP therapist with kid

Nurturing Healthy Habits

SOS Feeding Group

SOS is an evidence based feeding program that works with small groups of children to help them expand their food intake. This group will be run by SOS-trained therapists and is suitable for children who have feeding difficulties. This group will be helpful for children who:

  • Have ongoing poor weight gain (dropping percentiles on the growth curve) or weight loss
  • Have ongoing choking, gagging, or coughing during meals
  • Have ongoing problems with vomiting
  • Avoid all foods in a specific texture (wet, squishy, crunchy, etc.) or nutrition (meat, vegetables, starches, fruits, etc.) group
  • Have less than 20 foods that they are able to consistently eat
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