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Occupational Therapy

At Northside Speech Pathology, we provide family-centred Occupational Therapy for children of all ages. Our therapists are passionate about supporting children to develop the skills. Working on the skills they need to function and participate in everyday life. We use evidence-based approaches that focus on each child's individual strengths and interests. With our Sydney Clinic, In-Home visits, School visits, and Telehealth sessions available, we provide a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet your little one's needs.

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Occupational Therapist with kid
NSP therapist with kid

Understanding Child Development

What is Paediatric Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapy enables people to participate in activities they find meaningful and necessary. Paediatric occupational therapists use a family-centred approach and work closely with children, their families, educators and other professionals to help children participate in their daily occupations such as self-care, school and play.

mastering motor skills for functional tasks

We Can Support Your Child With

  • Self-care and Daily Living Skills –

    Dressing, toileting, feeding and sleeping

  • Play and Social Skills –

    Playing appropriately with toys, initiating play with others and taking turns

  • Maintaining attention and concentration
  • Fine Motor Skills –

    Manipulating toys, drawing, cutting & handwriting

  • Gross Motor Skills –

    Jumping, climbing, throwing and catching a ball and riding a bike

  • Visual Perception Skills –

    Needed for reading, writing and moving

  • Sensory Processing Skills –

    The way our brains receive, organise & respond to sensory information (such as touch, taste, smell, movement, body awareness, vision, hearing and internal senses).

  • Self-regulation Skills –

    The ability to manage emotions and behaviour in different situations.

NSP therapist with kid

What to Expect

What to Expect
Initial Sessions

If required, a comprehensive assessment will be carried out, including discussion and observation of your child while they complete a range of age appropriate tasks. Detailed written report provided approximately 1-2 weeks after initial assessment.

Goal setting

We work together with you and your child to formulate goals that are meaningful, functional and build on your child's strengths. We will break these goals into more achievable short-term goals and review the progress in our sessions.

Therapy Sessions

Occupational Therapy sessions include a combination of play-based therapy activities with your child and discussion regarding your child’s progress and strategies used to help your child and your family achieve goals. The therapist’s role is to help parents learn how to support their child outside therapy sessions.
Sessions will last for 45 min or 1 hour, depending on your child’s needs. Billing and invoicing will be completed on the spot at the end of the session. Card payments accepted at the end of the session.