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At Northside Speech Pathology we provide nutrition consultations for children and their families. We are passionate about supporting children’s growth and development through their everyday nutrition. We believe in equipping parents and carers with the knowledge and tools to help nourish and fuel their children well.

We use holistic evidence-based approaches focusing on each individual’s nutrition needs.

Speech Pathologist with kid
NSP therapist with kid

Nutritional Wellness

We can help you

  • If you are concerned with the nutritional intake of your fussy eater
  • If you need support with recipes meal ideas tips and tricks
  • If you need individual and tailored support that fits in with your lifestyle
  • And assist you with the successful introduction to solids
  • If you need a nutritional assessment for their macro and micronutrient intake.

At Northside our goal is to help you feed your child with confidence and raise them to become joyful eaters.

Please note: our nutrition services are not suitable for children undergoing chemotherapy or immunotherapy treatment and those with chronic disease such as type 1 diabetes.

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