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At Northside Speech Pathology, we provide Group Therapy sessions for children of all ages. Our therapists are dedicated to creating a fun and engaging environment that allows your child to connect with others, gain confidence, and develop. We use evidence-based approaches combined with a range of activities designed to help them reach their goals and encourage positive social behaviours. We provide a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the individual needs of each family.

Let us support your little one on their journey towards success! View our current classes and dates below.

Occupational Therapist with kid
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SOS Feeding Group

Starting in Term one 2024

This group will be run by SOS-trained therapists and is suitable for children who have feeding difficulties. This group will be helpful for children who:

  • Have ongoing poor weight gain (dropping percentiles on the growth curve) or weight loss
  • Have ongoing choking, gagging, or coughing during meals
  • Have ongoing problems with vomiting
  • Avoid all foods in a specific texture (wet, squishy, crunchy, etc.) or nutrition (meat, vegetables, starches, fruits, etc.) group
  • Have less than 20 foods that they are able to consistently eat

School Holiday Groups

  • Food Explorers

    n this workshop, children will be exploring food with all of their senses! Through a series of games, activities and cooking experiences they will explore a range of foods. 

    Children will be exposed to new flavours and textures to expand their culinary knowledge.  
    They will be able to appreciate food through story telling and hands on experience. 

    This workshop will:

    • Encourage teamwork by working and sharing with others

    • Work on organisational skills by counting, measuring and following recipe directions. 

    • Build your child's condifence, encourage autonomy and creativity

    • Helps build a foundation for healthy habits and nutrition skills for life. 

    • Increase your child's interest to trying new foods by increasing their exposure to a variety of foods!

    Monday the 15th of April 
    9am-1pm (4hrs)
NSP therapist with kids

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