For Children & Teens


At Northside Speech Pathology, we offer Telehealth sessions for children of all ages. Our experienced therapists use evidence-based approaches and activities to remotely support your child's development. We provide a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the individual needs of each family.

Let us help your little one reach their potential from the comfort of home! Contact us today to get started.

NSP therapist
NSP therapist

Evidence-backed Online Therapy

What is Telehealth

Occupational therapy enables people to participate in activities they find meaningful and necessary. Paediatric occupational therapists use a family-centred approach and work closely with children, their families, educators and other professionals to help children participate in their daily occupations such as self-care, school and play.

Do it from home or while on holiday

Bringing Therapy to You

Telehealth enables us to provide therapy to:

  • Families who may live remotely & do not have access to in-person therapy
  • Children who are on waiting lists for in-person therapy
  • Maintaining attention and concentration
  • Families who are not able to attend in-person therapy due to health concerns, location, or other commitments
NSP therapist
NSP therapist

Backed By Evidence

Benefits of Telehealth

  • Immediate access to therapy services
  • Access to therapy while on waiting lists in your local area
  • Convenience
  • Therapists can observe the child in their natural environment
  • NDIS Funded
  • Parent Coaching

Suitable for all ages

Who Can Benefit from Telehealth ?

  • Any parent, carer or educator with concerns regarding their child’s development or behaviour
  • Children who require support from an allied health professional for their play, learning, communication, social skills and behaviour
NSP therapist
NSP therapist

No special equipment required

What Do You Need for a Telehealth Session ?

All you need for a telehealth session is:

  • A stable internet connection
  • Access to an iPad / tablet, or computer with working video and sound